9 Facts About Farts That Will Blow Your Mind

9 Facts About Farts That Will Blow Your Mind

Although we all love to pretend, the truth remains that every single person reading this post, farts every single day

Deny it all you want, we all know the truth! Here are some really cool facts about farts you should know today.

1.  Only 1% of farts smell bad

Farts get their horrible smell form 1% of the gas that you expel. The remaining 99% is odourless!

2. The average human being passes about half a litre of gas a day

3. The average human being farts about 14 times a day

4. Farts move at speeds of up to 10 feet per second

5. Women produce the same amount of flatulence as men

Ladies, we know you only whisper in your panties. *wink*

6. Flatulence is flammable

Yup. Your farts are capable of setting your butt on fire.

7. There’s a reason all farts sound different

Farts vary in sound due to a variety of factors, namely, the amount of gas, the force at which it is expelled, and the tightness of the sphincter muscles.

8. Pass gas too much? There’s a remedy!

Take your time when you eat smaller meals, stay calm, and exercise

9. Ironically some of the foods that are good for you cause your farts to smell really bad

Some food and drink, like eggs and meat, can cause stinkier farts because they are rich in sulphur.

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