Pericoma: This story of Speed Darlington’s father will blow your mind!

It’s almost impossible to be pop-culture conscious in Nigeria, and not know the phrase “bang da dadang”. The phrase which is the title of a song by controversial US-based Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington.
Did you know he’s son to famous traditionalist Pericoma?
Pericoma is always remembered by the story of the day he was on his way to Onitsha, where, he was waylaid by transport workers (Agberos) who demanded for his tax receipts. He ignored them and they lifted him on their shoulders en-route their office.
He charmed them and refused to come down from their shoulders for hours until they pleaded and made sacrifices to his deity. 
That singular act instilled fears in the heart of all Agberos operating at Upper Iweka, thereby curtailing their excesses

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