Did Adekunle Gold Write ‘Orente” For Simi?

Did Adekunle Gold Write ‘Orente” For Simi?

Nigerian Musician Adekunle Gold, graced the cover of the latest issue of Vibe Magazine and disclosed some really interesting things about his music, upbringing, and his rumored love interest Simi.

Read the interview below;

On how he started out as a singer years back, Gold said: ‘My father would say religion is education’ he tells me, recounting the events that paved the way for music.
‘I joined the teens choir and it was very competitive. It was a thing to just hold the mic and I would try to impress my choir mistress for a chance then but she wasn’t having it. She’d say “you’re not there yet” so I kept doing the most to impress this woman. I think I was in the church for 11 years and it never happened.’ On his kind of music: “My genre is a fusion of Highlife and Pop and Indie. My manager says it’s Modern Highlife but I still say that it’s Urban Highlife.” Right behind us is Niyi, a young lady full of warmth and natural hair who had earlier introduced herself as his friend and manager. As accused by Adekunle, she repeats herself with a stress. “Moderrrrn highlife…”. ON SEVERAL ATTEMPTS AT BREAKING INTO THE INDUSTRY: ‘I WENT TO SO MANY AUDITIONS AND I GOT SO MANY NOS TO THE POINT THAT I WAS LIKE ‘I’M DONE; I’M NOT DOING THESE REALITY SHOWS AGAIN. LET ME FOCUS ON MY OWN REALITY…SEE THAT LINE YEAH?’ HE PUMPS HIS INDEX FINGER, NODDING AND SMILING AT HIS POETIC USAGE OF THE WORD “REALITY”. ON PHOTOSHOPPING AND HOW HE BECAME KNOWN: ‘IT STARTED OUT AS FUN, YOU KNOW. ONE SATURDAY MORNING, I WAS IN MY HOUSE AND I SAW ONE PARTICULAR PHOTO OF TIWA SAVAGE. I THOUGHT, I WOULD LOVE TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH THIS LADY, ‘CAUSE I REALLY LOVE TIWA SAVAGE. THEN I THOUGHT, YOU KNOW, I CAN. SO I TOLD MY FRIEND TO TAKE MY PICTURE. HE THOUGHT I WAS CRAZY. AND I DID AS IF I WAS HOLDING HER FROM BEHIND AND THEN I DID THE PHOTOSHOP AND PEOPLE REALLY LIKED IT. I WAS STRUGGLING FOR PEOPLE TO HEAR MY MUSIC SO I THOUGHT, IF I CAN BE POPULAR FOR THIS ONE, I MIGHT AS WELL.

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