Enugu Influencer, Ben Borris abducted hours after tweeting about looting in ESUT


An Enugu based influencer, Ben Borris was abducted this morning in Enugu, hours after tweeting he knew something about looting going on in ESUT.

Witnesses said he was at Okpara Square earlier this morning having his usual fitness routine. He was however abducted along Loma Linda, Independence layout Enugu by Masked Men in a Toyota Camry.

The case has already been reported to the police station in Enugu, where the police allegedly asked to wait for the kidnappers calls.

Ben Borris’s phones are currently switched off and he’s in the wrong hands at the moment. The twitter community is already on it and won’t rest till Ben is safe and justice have been served.

Here is his tweet before his abducted:


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