Fan’s Extreme Expectations after Leaving the Big Brother House


So it seems Nigeria has become a country very hard to impress, and this has become a problem for most of our celebrities who are finding it difficult to live up to the Fan’s standard.

Nigerian fans are very difficult ones and it takes nearly perfection to avoid trolls in this country. Not to deviate from subject, The most recent housemates of the Big Brother who are newbie to this celebrity lifestyle are finding themselves in-between the joy of Celebrity-hood and the Extreme expectations of the means Fans.

Alex, since living the house has become a target for Nigerians, basically, ranging from her love for parties, to her love life, to her friendship/Relationship with Tobi. This might not be hatred exactly but… well, everyone likes attention. Does it mean she should fake some personality for people to entirely like her?

Also, Cee-C, Miracle, Khloe and the rest are also finding it difficult pleasing fans as this hungry Nigerians Attack them at every single chance.

My Question, Does it means that these fans are so perfect they don’t expect imperfection from these celebrities? What do these fans expect from the housemates after leaving the house?

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