First DJ to record EP in Enugu? Interviewing DJ Jimmy Jatt Jumpoff Challenge winner, DJ Slim V

First DJ to record EP in Enugu? Interviewing DJ Jimmy Jatt Jumpoff Challenge winner, DJ Slim V

So today, we were honored to host the very crowned winner of the Jimmy Jatt challenge and ask him couple of questions.

The young brilliance, DJ Slim V is currently a popular demand in the Southeast touring states and clubs since after winning the Jimmy Jatt Challenge.

Here’s the Excerpts:

Who Inspires You?

For 1, I love DJ Spinall’s passion and ginger, he inspires me a lot. DJ funky and Consequence are up there too because of their character.

How long you been doing this work?

6 years, professionally I mean.

What has been your biggest Job?

Have had a number of big jobs but Jimmy’s jumpoff should be my biggest.

Going against other success hungry DJs, how did it go for You?

I started nervous at first then grew into it, showed them what am made off. Got about 3 job offers in the spot including from Abuja, but i already got lined up gigs in the East so I had to turn down

What do you think about Entertainment in Enugu and South East?

Uhhhh it has its perks I’d say, Aside weekends there is no life in the city. Makes it quite difficult to blossom properly. It can be crippling too considering the wealth of talents in the city wasting

What do you think it’s the cause exactly

The few ones that have the chance to get out don’t look back to help the growing ones. I think they do it as part of payback, Since they didn’t get help.

What’s the biggest L you have had in your years of work

I was bounced severally from clubs when I started cos of my small body,Then even when I got real good I didn’t get the chance from managers, Now everyone wanted to hire me.

Recently, who are your favorite talents in the south east ?

For music, Jaywillz and mr lin. Hypewise, Lord El is up there, then Hypeman Oracle.

Where currently do you work, what are you currently up to?

I work with 2nite klub villa Toscana Enugu, Guest at solid fm weekly. Then, am Trying to see if I can drop an EP before the year runs out God willing.

Who are we expecting on the EP???

Mr Lin and Jaywillz most definitely, Uncle Slow Dogg and hopefully Duncan Mighty.

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