“I have been depressed Too” – TBoss


In light of the death of Chester Bennington, BBN star TBoss has just revealed she also went through depression.

She wrote, “The news of the untimely demise of Chester Bennington hit me really hard because I have been a super fan since forever, his voice & songs really touched my soul & helped get me through a lot. That’s why I’m pained that he didn’t have anybody to help get him through his own pain.

Confession- Yes I have been through depression & it didn’t win. Confession Confession- it’s really only just a bad patch, not a bad life. Yes, you will eventually get out of it.

Confession Confession- I’m way much stronger that even I give myself credit for, at this point I don’t even get hurt by people’s words! I just be looking at you like- See this one trying to take away my smile.

Hissss abeg abeg. How??? People need to realize that being mean to others honestly doesn’t profit them in any way! It’s not gonna make you richer, prettier or a better person so be kind to each other, we r all dealing with our demons- Don’t be the reason a person’s demon finally wins the battle. “

TBoss is making her acting debut in an upcoming movie “Kada River” alongside Joke Silva, Rachel Oniga, Bayray McNwizuamong others.

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