Lifestyle: Come See Flavour’s House and Cars


Flavour Nabania is a talented singer who likes leading a luxurious life. In case you are curious about Flavour Nabania house and cars, you can read everything about them below!

Flavor Nabania

The real name of this singer is Chinedu Okoli, but he prefers going by his stage name Flavour Nabania. He is not only a gifted singer but also a songwriter, dancer, performer, and instrumentalist. His catchy and attention-grabbing tunes have gained him a lot of admirers, who wait for his new releases and are interested in his personal life and everything connected to their favorite star.

Flavour Nabania is not very open when it comes to personal life. Everyone knows that he enjoys dating beautiful women – he has two daughters from beauty queens Sandra Okagbue and Anna Ebiere Banner. Even though this is no secret to the media, Flavour prefers not to talk much about it or show his children to the public. Same goes for his possessions – he is not the type to flaunt them and only post photos with his cars on rare occasions.

Nevertheless, some things are still known about Flavour and his passion for expensive lifestyle. Nobody is surprised because Flavour is known to have a lot of profitable endorsement deals. Apart from being an ambassador of a Flat Tummy Tea brand, which specializes in making tea for weight loss, he promotes the beer from “Breweries Life” and the energy drink ‘Bullet’. He also has an endorsement deal with MTN Nigeria. So, he can basically afford everything. Read about Flavour house and cars. You can also see Flavour photos with his possessions.

Flavour Nabania house

Flavour said in an interview that he bought a house for his mother long ago, so it would only make sense that he has a luxurious home as well. According to reports, the sensational superstar is a lucky owner of a multi-million mansion in Lekki, Lagos State.

This house is a really luxurious one, with multiple rooms and a pool where the famous musician hangs out with his friends. It also has a garage for Flavour’s multiple cars. It has a gorgeous interior made in a jazz bar style, with paintings on the walls. The house includes everything necessary for a romantic date, and Flavour often invites his girlfriends there. It also reportedly has a recording studio. The Nigerian singer has a few guard dogs.

Aside his gorgeous house, Flavour is also a lucky owner of the “2-nite club” in Enugu State. He successfully runs this club, which attracts a lot of visitors.

Flavour Nabania house
Flavour Nabania house, photo from

Flavour Nabania cars

The exotic lifestyle of Flavour Nabania also spreads on cars. He is known to have a few multimillion vehicles. For instance, he has a black Mercedes Benz G-wagon, which costs over N40 million, as well as the Land Rover Automobile (N25 million), and the 2012 BMW X6 (18 million). These are the known belongings of Flavour Nabania and it is possible that he has more riches that the press does not know about. Clearly, this man loves luxurious cars and often updates his collection.

Flavour Nabania and his car
Flavour Nabania and one of his cars, photo from

We have gathered some information for you about Flavour Nabania’s house and cars. Hopefully, you enjoyed learning more about this sensational singer and his possessions that he has earned with his hard work and talent.

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