Man Who Asked Uniport Student To Murder 8 Year Old Chikamso Arrested


Following the story of murdered 8 year old girl, Victory Chikamso, further investigation into the murder case took a new turn this morning, as the man who allegedly asked Dike (who still is on the run following his escape from detention) to get human body parts so they can use it for money ritual, was apprehended by officers of the Rivers state police command this morning.

In an interview with Channels TV this morning, the state commissioner of Police, Zaki Ahmed, disclosed,

“I’m delighted to inform you that the second suspect who the principal suspect alleged asked him to get those parts has been arrested this morning (Thursday). There are two of them. The principal suspect when he was arrested, he confessed to committing the crime and he mentioned that someone asked him to get some parts of a human being for them to make money.

 So that person has been arrested this morning. I strongly suspect that this person we have arrested is involved in the crime. The boy gave his name and gave his number and he mentioned that this is the person who asked him to get these human parts that they are going to make money” he said

The police boss said his men are working towards getting him Dike rearrested, after his escape on Sunday night.

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