Men Are Scum: Pick Your Scum And Make Him A Man


I do not know the ideal definition of love, I cannot perfectly describe how it feels to be in love because I haven’t totally experienced it but what I know for sure is that the sense of being in love is such a beautiful thing.

Have you ever gone through any social media platform and you come across the tags that shows stories tagging ‘men are scum’, I bet about 90 percent of young people have come across this trend but oh well, if you have not come across it, don’t worry, it is not a big deal as people just post up their terrible experiences with men and they tag it ‘men are scum’. It has become a general term for the male gender even though some men post their stories about terrible experiences with women but we all know the ‘men are scum’ tag still trends more. Well, the truth remains we are all really scum based on individual characteristics. Truth is that the male gender will forever take this bad tag because we all know how they could be, it is not totally unfortunate but we somehow need them in our lives and we have no choice than to accept them in our lives.

As I write this post, In my head I’m like men are really scum because stories that have been told by women based on their experiences with men is really heartbreaking. Also, In my head, I’m also like *my man isn’t scum, I reject that tag from his life*, but anyway, some men could really be terrible, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to support one gender and bring one down. The truth remains that no matter how much we post all of the stories and continue the tag ‘men are scum’, we are still going to go back to at least one of those ‘scum’ in the world and learn to find love or sex or whatever you need for.

So basically, that comes back to my title, ‘pick your scum and move on’. The truth is we as females have probably had bad experiences or we have had friends or families that have gone through some terrible experiences with these men and it is not something that started today, it has been ongoing, it is just because there are social media now and there is publicity about these experiences. I don’t know how many of you all females are a sucker for love, I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for love, I love LOVE, if that makes sense, well it does to me.

Honestly, I would rather pick a ‘scum’ and grow with him than be about that lonely life. Don’t get me wrong, you do not need a man to be happy but it is a plus, *Wait before Y’all eat me up*. Let me now explain, I describe it as a plus because some of us do not get all the love, attention and care we need from our family and friends but just imagine having that one man that truly loves you for who you are, that one man that is always one call away to hear about your day, your goals and aspirations and is always there to support you and YES, there are still men ready to commit to a lady and do all these things. One major problem is that the temptations out there are real and the men being a weaker gender fall into these temptations easily. It is something that would never be acceptable to me but it is also something that is inevitable. Temptations will definitely come, we are girls and we know we practically control these guys and unfortunately, they cannot just resist.

I honestly think more than half of the females shouting all over social media platforms that ‘men are scum’ either have a man somewhere attending to the needs they require. Sharing all these experiences makes one careful and know how to be smarter in a relationship and also how to react to certain issues in a relationship. Also, till you experience what some ladies go through or even worse, you may never know how hard it is adjusting to a new man but no matter how hard, it is, I think ” Letting go and moving on” is the perfect type of healing. One funny thing is that some females repost these ‘men are scum’ tag and have probably never had a man in their lives but the way they would post the thing, you will start wondering, but anyways please why not experience how it is with a guy first and just feel the beauty of love before jumping into conclusions based on the tag.

I do not know the ideal definition of love, I cannot perfectly describe how it feels to be in love because I haven’t totally experienced it but what I know for sure is that the sense of being in love is such a beautiful thing. I don’t know if you have been in love, or you have seen someone genuinely in love and describing how beautiful it is, that experience alone makes me want to have that feeling of being in love. Also, people have their different definition of what they perceive as love so follow your own description of love and live your life.

I do not know the experiences you have had with these men, but I just want you to actually let go because holding on will destroy you, will hurt you more, will change you and make you a terrible person when you are truly not. Do not let anyone rush you, take your time and do everything at your own pace. There is love out there girls, more like there is your not so perfect ‘scum’ waiting for you and will definitely make you feel loved. Do not push love away because of the trend or try and be too tough, then, in turn, hurt yourself. Accept that scum today if it makes you happy, Turn the scum into a man and remove that tag from him, be careful in the relationship and make things work NOT at the cost of anyone’s expense. So baby girls, why not pick one of these scum and actually make him a man and evict that tag from him. On that note, What do you guys think about this post?.

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