Negative Energy and Unhealthy Competition killing Enugu Entertainment


I might not have stayed too long or deep into the industry but the very little time I’ve been here, it’s all smiling faces and burning hearts.

Enugu should have been on the map a long time now being deepest Into Entertainment in southeast as a whole but a lot of things happen here that outside the industry, you can’t figure them out.

The Hidden truth is that; Everyone is trying to step on each other, Djs are holding an unhealthy competition, HypeMen against each other, no artistes wants to help other artistes, media personnels are smiling at you when they have events they want your ‘support’ and after that, ‘who are you’ remains the question.

Enugu has all it takes to be great, but noticeably, the most successful events in Enugu are handled by people outside Enugu.

The energy here is so negative, and competition unhealthy.

Social media blocking and unfollowing each other is the trend in Enugu. Some time later, he/she’ DMs you when he needs you, ‘Hello Boss, e don tey” 🤔

The height of it is the badmouths, the backbites, and the pretence. Sometime this year.

Some Media person (name withheld) was saying lots and lots of things about how ineffective, how unserious and how he intend not to partner with another media person anymore to a third party. The Third Party who is also a media person leaked the gist to the very person being discussed.

That wasn’t it, the Media person who was saying bad about some other person eventually still met the same person and said exactly same thing about the other media guy he talked to initially.

In Enugu, there is no Appreciation, No love. If this mentality continues, we’d just be a third world entertainment city till ee can’t change it.

If we can make talents luke flavour, Phyno, Illbliss, Zoro and lots more then we can fix this.


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