Platinum Lounge remains the king of NightLife in Enugu


Platinum Lounge remains top of the chart when it comes to nightlife in Enugu. The Night Club has dominated the lifestyle in ENugu and had given little to no space for other clubs to compete.

The Club which is Owned and Managed by Dubem ( Baba D) has been putting Enugu on a lockdown for years now. The management of the Club has been an A-game as every employee works with lots of joy. The lounge is seen as a family which results to the good running of the club.

Tourists and Life-finders alike never gets satisfied when they visit Enugu till they Club at Platinum Lounge.

Platinum lounge is the home of Intl. DJ Youngest, the biggest PR in the east; Papichulo, Platinum Chief priest; Achimore, Drmmer boy Liberty and MC Emyboy.

However, Baba D remains the king of Night life in Enugu. Visit today for a life changing experience.

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