Realer!! Tonto Dikeh Reveals Dress she bought for 1500


Tonto Dikeh is one of the most open Nollywood actresses who does not mind baring it all before her fans. Recently, the lady took to revealing one of her most costly mistakes in the past and how her experience had helped her correct such error.

According to her, she used to spend recklessly in the past. Hence, when she wanted to buy clothes, she did not settle for cheap ones that suited her status. She went for lavish, expensive clothes. Tonto said her mantra, at the time, was that if anything was cheap, then it was not for her.

This mindset caused her to spend lavishly at the expense of her future plans and expenditures. Rarely did she execute any project at the time. However, owing to maturity and experience, she said she has stopped spending in such reckless manner. The actress and entrepreneur even revealed that she recently bought a particular dress for N1,500.

The said dress which she displayed on her Instagram page was a blue gown that hugged her shape and had straps for hands. This particular dress fit her so well that it was impossible to believe she bought it for N1,500. But, according to Tonto, this was exactly what it was.

See the post below:

“4/5 years ago I would never have blinked at a dress that cost nothing because I had the mentality that if it was cheap it wasn’t for me(I mean who the heavens did I think I was? No wonder I got broke quick all the time?? No wonder I had no plan and could execute no plan cos of my reckless spending) BOTTOMLINE I BOUGHT THIS DRESS FOR 1,500naria and was given 44naria change!! #THERE ARE CERTAIN THINGS THAT ONLY MATURITY AND EXPERIENCE CAN TEACH YOU!!

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