Rihanna is Giving Out Bikes to Help Girls


Rihanna is Giving Out Bikes to Save Education

Rihanna has partnered with the Clara Lionel Foundation and ofo, a China-based bike sharing platform to donate bikes in Malawi. The plan is to use bike donations to help girls in the country get better access to education.

Rihanna announced a five-year partnership which is called, “1 KM Action”. It will target and donate bicycles to scholarship recipients. The choice of bikes is linked with their ability to reduce the challenges that are associated with attending school in Malawi. Girls are at a special disadvantage in very hard situation where only 8 percent of students complete secondary school education. According to Clara Lionel Foundation, transportation across the long distances between home and school is a real problem in the country.

Speaking on the new humanitarian effort, Rihana said she was happy to be part of an initiative that would help so many young people get a good education; particulary, help young girls get to school safely.

The singer has been vocal about education and has asked many world leaders to commit to funding education. In January, this year, she had visited Malawi as an ambassador for the Global Partnership for Education where she spent time trying to understand the challenges of young children face with getting an education.

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