So Sad! ‘What Could I Have Done To Deserve This’ – Burn Survivor Cries Out


Ashia May, a young American lady who is deeply pained about her state of health as some parts of her body are swollen and she is neither able to sit or walk properly due to a fire accident, took to Instagram to share her touching story. 

Read below:

Still don’t know why me what could I have possibly did to deserve this much pain waking up to burning skin swollen body parts can’t even sit up without help from a nurse every time I try and sleep the flashbacks always hit me and that’s the day I will never forget I know everybody saying be strong your still beautiful and but I just don’t get why me what could I have possibly did that was so bad to deserve this…but Ima continue to put my problems in gods hands second surgery tomorrow and I wanna thank everyone that sent up a prayer for me even if we not on good terms yall concern really means a lot to me…So thank y’all and I hope everything turns out well tomorrow.

Honestly can’t tell you why me these past two days ain’t been nun but hell I didn’t wanna post this cause ik how ugly I look it hurt to wake up. In pain can’t feed yourself barely can talk I barely sleep cause every time I do i see a painful flash back of what happened but Whatever happens I know God gone get me through this and thank you @johnjohnstrick waking up to that smile yesterday couldn’t ask for a better bestfrann., Next surgery Tuesday keep me in your prayers

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