SARS officers allegedly brutalize man for eating at same Fried Yam spot as them


A man identified has Omobola has taken to his Instagram profile to narrate his ordeal in the hands of SARS operatives in Ondo State. According to him, his only offence was joining them at a Fried Yam spot.

Omobola revealed that the officers were at the spot and he also chose to get the delicacy for himself at that time and that was how one of the them asked about his car and before he knew what was happening, he had been driven in their van to another town in the state.

He even alleged that the officers were trying to make him confess to a crime he didn’t commit.

Read his story below:

WIth my hustle and struggles not to steal or terrorizing, see what SARS SIS did to me for no reason,I saw them buying fried yam and I wanted to eat it as well I didn’t run for them or avoid them because I know I haven’t done anything wrong, the next officer close to me asked me where’s my car and I said I don’t have a car them forced me into there car and drove me off to ondo all the way from akure,

I was locked in the cell with criminals and I was treated bad and beating with belt and iron for no reason I swear no reason they are beating me and one brought out a drug and said Ed going to use it as a case and exhibit if I don’t confess I use it just to get me involve in one case as a point,but why

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