The 6 types of people you see in Enugu

The 6 types of people you see in Enugu

There are different kind of people you meet in a gathering in Enugu, they exhibit different attitude and presentations.

1. Cool Kids; The Cool Kids are not always seen, you only see them in soft Daytime events, Private Parties and Social Media.

The Cool Kids wear the nicest of shoes and the most trending outfits. The Cool Kids care a lot about their hair, their beards etc. The Cool Kids might not exactly be the richest. Their social media presence is largely noticed and they initiate the ‘it’s a soft event’s mentality to all their followers.

These group of people have the nicest pictures, and photoshoots. These peeps know alot of University girls, I mean cute girls. They are your plug for fine girls. These ones are seen in places like Roots, Spar, The Base Landmark etc.

2. The Ballers

The Ballers are well known by Club Owners, Club Managers and and Runs Girls. The Ballers are hardly seen at day, they are more of the Club people. The Ballers on Social media usually flaunt their Cuban Ice watches, Belaire bottles, Glenfiddich, and whatever expensive drinks they buy.

The Ballers drive the fanciest Cars in Enugu and are usually being rushed by Club Girls.

3. The Big Boys

The big boys are the most plenty in Enugu. They have names though might not even have money. The big boys know ballers in person and can comforta boy blend in alongside them at clubs and events.

The big boys can also be into entertainment, DJs, HypeMen etc. The big boys have contacts and cam always influence gatherings too.

4. The Connected: This group is not really that social, but they can always influence social events, these group know a whole lot of people in politics, entertainment and business.

This group is your plug to top government offices and all.

5. The Wanna-Be’s: These ones dress to kill, these are the ones who wear everything they can get hold on even to Pool parties. The wannabes spend alot of time dropping comments on Ballers pages and girls IF account.

They are the same set of people who bug celebrity gatherings, always asking for shisha pipes, cigarettes or asking waitresses for a spare cup to join a table they aren’t even familiar with.

They are the same set who’s always doing snaspchast with people’s drinks and shisha. Theyv are the Fakelife Gang and they asre the most populated in Enugu.

6. The Hustlers

These ones don’t even care about events and all except you are bringing Phyno to stadium or okpara square. They are the ones you see in places like New Berries, spices, Cosy hotel, village square etc.

These ones get to the club, buy a bottle of beer and have fun more than anybody else.

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