The best entrepreneurial decisions you’d make in your 20s

The best entrepreneurial decisions you’d make in your 20s

Its true most people really get exposed to the business and entrepreneurship life even before their 20s. The country’s situation has become a great motivation for every youth to push for lituation in their lives from the offsets!

At 20 and moving on, here are the best entrepreneurial decisions you’d make;

  1. Find your passion: They say when you are chasing your passion, it’s not struggle anymore, becomes hustle. It’s impressive how most people already found their niche and stuck with it. If you end up doing what’s not your passion, you’d not only be stressed 24/7, you’d also be spiteful about your entire self.
  2. Live Below your means: While on the verge of success, when the income starts coming in bits, most entrepreneurs lose their way trying to fit in to the social media leveller, ending up bankrupt and right back to where they started… huge turn off if you want to be successful.
  3. Find a Mentor: When you have found a passion, you need to find yourself a mentor, your mentor is like a measure of the least level you’d want to attain in life. Your mentor is whom motivates you, positively… he plays a very huge mental role in your route to success.
  4. Invest in Yourself: This is you trying to make yourself sellable.. you can invest in yourself by taking care of yourself, take out time to treat yourself. Investing in yourself will also mean adding value to your capabilities or knowledge of things through reading books, surfing educational stuff on youtube to keep developing yourself.
  5. Focus on one thing: ‘Jack of all trade, master of none’ is not a stupid quote you know, learn alot of things yes, but let a lot of it rotate around you niche. For example, a social media influencer or personal blogger should be able to make use of Canva, WordPress, Microsoft word, instagram, Twitter, google drive comfortably. You cannot want to be a DJ, a hypeman, a barman, a club PR, a manager at the same time!!

Hang on steady, we are here to share live and ideas. What do you think about this?

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