The Roommates: Episode 7


I know you all would be expecting a threesome, well I wouldn’t tell you whether it happened or not, at least not now. Just know that I woke up the next morning knowing that I could have done things differently last night. 

I didn’t want to go to school that day, so I just saw my girlfriends off and came back to the house. I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with me, maybe I was trying to hard to be different or maybe I was trying too hard to fit in, only time will tell…

Anyways, Temi has now appeared to be entirely different from what I thought. I guess nobody’s perfect, nobody at all…  the heart thinks, the Dick or the pussy decides! 

I took my bath that morning, ‘maybe I should give myself some days off from this environment’ I said to myself. I was seeing so much my head couldn’t contain. So I packed a couple of things and off I went to Enugu. 

Nsukka was just an hour drive to Enugu so I arrived pretty early! Went straight to hotel recommended for me by my friends…. On getting to my room, I already perceived Marijuana Scent. I know I was in for another shock. After unpacking, I went down to get myself something to eat… well my neighbors ‘The smokers’ were coincidentally going out at the same time, this was how I met George and Ebuka.

This part of my life, am sure you would want to listen to and attentively! 

‘Haba Ebuka, I tell you say Fine girls dey this hotel’ George said loudly, he obviously wanted me to hear it. ‘Do make we comot this hotel before I give person belle abeg’ he continued. 

George was one crazy dude, I observed, I think Ebuka was more quiet but then, if they could be friends, they obviously had something in common. We headed for the elevator, I was so quiet and kept a mean face to shade them off at least, I noticed George was busy staring at my whole body through my ‘See-through lace top.

He doesn’t shake, he doesn’t take his eyes off, he knows unnoticed, he didn’t bother, if he removed his eyes from my body, it went straight to my eyes, our eyes caught a couple of times, he didn’t take it off… he was wearing this ‘I want you smile’ .

I had wished the elevator lasted longer than it did because it felt good knowing I can still attract somebody.

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