The Roommates: Episode 8


Soon I was back, as I walked to my room, I had hoped their door was open so he would see me again.. but it wasn’t. I sadly crawled on me bed, bored as ever, all that was in my head was that smile George offered. 

Soon, I heard footsteps, I jumped off my bed, rushed to my door, am through the See-through, I observed… Ebuka had come back with a girl, I think he gave George a sign and he left the room for them, he was going to the bar. 

“This is your chance, girl” my mind told me…  I removed the bra I had on, so that my nipples could point out of my top, then I put on my sexiest bum shorts, this bum short was almost invisible, yes it was that smalll….. I wore my very long red socks and then stepped out, heading to the bar.

George wasn’t at the bar either, what the Fuck? Where the hell would he be?? I walked out to the pool arena and there he was, inside the pool, water was rolling down his chest! I stood for a long while lost in that body.

I sat down, adjusted my top to show off more of my cleavages! He touched my shoulder before I would know it, smiled and said… “how long do you intend to stare? Do you want something to take? They don’t actually have stuff here but I have some bottles of drink up in my room”

“But you guys have a visitor so how would you get it” I asked. That was when I realized I just fucked up.

“Have you been stalking us? Na police you be? He said smiling. “Well  we could stay in your room, that’s if you don’t have a visitor too” 

I didn’t believe I didn’t even try forming at least…. Mtchew… We went to my room, the tempting part of it was that he was still shirtless, tying towel and still dripping water.

We called the reception and they had us 2 glasses! We drank and talked for some minutes, I was getting tipsy from the alcohol too… 

“who cares??” I said… 

“Whaaaaaa….” he was about saying before I jumped on his body like a tiger that was just let out of a cage. 

“Just touch my nipples right now” I commanded. 

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