The Roommates: Episode 9


George was good at this, he had his ways, instead of my lips, he went straight to my neck, I could feel his lips all over me, I was enjoying it. He didn’t waste much time as he pinched me on the nipples; yeah they were hard already… he slid his fingers into my pussy, these fingers were short but believe me, they were quite active.

Then his phone rang… i hate this, why now, why must his phone ring? I guess he knew what I was thinking, he just pushed his phone to the other side of the bed. “Can I get my head in between your legs” he asked… what??? ” What do you want to…….”  he devoured me already… his tongues all over my cunt!he was so good I let myself go… I had thrown myself on the bed… all I managed to say was “Oh fuck” 

George was crazy as Fuck… wasn’t long, I was moaning the whole hotel out! He pulled his dick out as I gasped for breathe, he put it in and this time, so deep I almost felt it in my stomach! He flipped me over, then flipped me over again, he wanted something else… he laid down and carried me to his body.. “Ride me right now, lemme be your horse” he said. I wasn’t sure how to do this but…. I rode him so hard so fast and I could tell he enjoyed every bit of it, “oh oh aaah” he continued “I am going to cum” he said as he forced his dick out and knelt me down, he came all over my face. 

This was becoming the best day of my life, we both laid on the bed, completely exhausted.

“Kpam kpam kpan ” a knock on the door came, it was Ebuka. “Jay Jay show! George sharp sharp, you go miss this” he said from the door…

“Wetin happen” George replied quickly.. “Fuck dey, come sharp” Ebuka replied. George wore his pants quickly, tied his towel and stood up. Smiling at me, he said “I’d be back, duty calls” 

As I said, George was one crazy mu’fucka..

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