The Universities in Enugu and what their girls are like!


Have you ever heard someone say ‘She acts like a UNN girl? Well that’s because these girls are like a pack.. they always got one thing in common and you are about to find out.

Caritas University Girls – They are lowkey the most fun girls. They are a blend of rich, adventurous and crazy. 

Well because they are hardly out, when they are.. it seems to come out with a ‘to do list’ of things they gotta do before they go back.

Caritas girls are not the most Money-conscious, they might be attracted to just your finesse even if you are broke.

ESUT girls – These ones are seen everywhere, they are the talk more, so less. They are the ones you see all over the gram with their borrowed clothes and fake personalities. They actually pray to be seen as bad girls and they usually aren’t even as crazy as they appear.

These ones are attracted to luxury a lot so they are always at clubs 24/7, but…  though very rare, a few ESUT girls are actually so nice.i

UNEC girls – Note* The Nerdy looking ones are the most bad.

UNEC girls are usually the cutest. Sometime like that, having a UNEC girlfriend was something to be proud about. They are not usually the most fun though but these ones don’t stress you like an ESUT girl.

As much as they like money, they don’t like to be insulted by it so they always come ready. UNEC sha like clubbing too, you see them in pairs in clubs especially Club Lift..

Godfrey Okoye Girls

Well this school’s girls seems to be split in two… the ones who would do anything to blend in.. you’d confuse this set with IMT girls.. and the very fine ones, you hardly see them in clubs though, they prefer malls, eateries and lounges.

Godfrey Girls are not the most fun, infact they are actually the most boring.  Most of them usually offer nothing but fine faces and good sex. They also pretend a lot or over package as the case may be. They also like money a lot and it’s fair to say you can unlock their small fun parts with a lil extra cash.

IMT Girls 

These ones, you can never understand them, they are the most poorly dressed, they act like they don’t care about anything and can live their lives how they want.. 

These ones can buy food take-away and eat them in public buses and keke 😆

Their Ibo is usually very thick and their English Shaky. This ones like guest houses well. As much as they like money too, nothing is too small for them… these ones can beg for recharge cards and WhatsApp data bundle are their favorites.

You don’t want to see what most of them wear to clubs… and their makeup game is over the bar mehn!

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