Things Might Be Getting Worse For PSquare As Peter Okoye Goes Solo On Youtube


It’s seems like with every passing day, things are falling apart the more between our favorite music duo, the twins, Psquare.

With the whole drama that is cooking up, which according to Paul is the hand work of a woman, as he said, ‘is only a woman that will come in the midst of brothers and cause separation.’, we still haven’t figured out what really is happening.

All we know as of now is that they’ve cancelled some if not all of their upcoming shows, and now to escalate matters, aside from the brothers joint YouTube account, Peter Okoye (Mr P) has gone solo.

He yesterday introduced his new YouTube account with the username ‘MrPVEVO’

According to him, the account was activated last year and it was around that time they had the first feud.


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