Who is a SlayQueen? 🙇🏽‍♂️


To me, SlayQueen has become a wrongly used term in Nigeria.

Usually, I thought ‘SlayQueen’ is a lady who’s comfortable, beautiful and knows she is, fashionable and Rich, you know… like a Working class Abuja lady who got style or Comfortable VI girl whose a fashionable..

But then, the media has been wrongly using this…. A girl who sleeps with ‘Classy’ men for money is regarded a SlayQueen.

A girl who flaunts luxury on social media (That might not even be hers) is counted a slayqueen.

A girl who snaps Nude and posts on the gram is regarded as a slayqueen. A couple or girl who can take fine pictures are termed slay queen?

So to the floor… Who is a SlayQueen? What is the starter Kit for a slay queen?

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