+18Series: Marc’s House for Vacation 💦

+18Series: Marc’s House for Vacation 💦

Have always known there’s this part of me that wasn’t revealed yet, not until I entered the university. This part of me had a million and one sex demons.

It all started one day, we were on Vac so we decided to spend the months holiday at my friends place as his parents had travelled out of the country. It was a very comfortable duplex with 3 rooms outside his parents room. One of the rooms was already occupied by the housekeeper, Shehu though I am not really ‘the sleep in the room’ kinda guy… I have always preferred sleeping on the couch, watch TV and chat till I doze off, probably because I never had a tele in my room while I grew up.

So two rooms were enough for all of us, Marc and Frank stayed in one room while Luchy and Sandra stayed in Marc’s Sister’s room. 

Marc’s sis, Rebecca was one petite hottie I  always wanted to have, she was in Year 1 with Sandra while the rest of us were in 300.

One Wednesday Afternoon, I was so craving for weed and everyone was asleep well except Shehu. I saw him as one correct guy like that so I figured even if he doesn’t kush, he’d know where I can get… surprisingly, he had Kush but warned I can’t smoke within the compound and I am not one type that can comfortably smoke out… so I decided to make noodles with it..

While on it, Luchy woke, walked down was shocked to see me making noodles by myself so she walked in… When she said she’d love to join me in the noodles, I smiled… I knew things were about to get Crunky!!!

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