3 of the Biggest Parties Enugu had in 2018


Yes, we felt a lot of gbedu last year though not from the very start of the year! That makes true the fact that Enugu people like turn up, is very unfortunate they are mostly starved of it.

Last year, from celebrity birthdays to club anniversary parties, it was lit lit!

Countdown to 3 of the hottest parties last year!

At the top of the list, platinum Lounge pool party with Teni at La Nuevo Hotels. What we saw in this party, we’ve never seen before in Enugu. The money rains, the undertakers, the strippers, the girls; everything was just lit like that. The story I can’t tell but believe me, or ask around! I have never seen so much girls in one party in Enugu, it was total madness!

Chikeluba Birthday party.

To be honest, I thought parties like that only happened in Abuja and Lagos but that day, I was stunned! It was just the right crowd and perfect venue. Thought it wasn’t all crowded like that of platinum but it is one party you can comfortably call ‘very cool’

The birthday had the coolest kids in Enugu and the softest girls as well. Pepenazi certainly didn’t regret making an appearance. Btw, not to forget the celebrant, Chikeluba is a footballer who plays in Israel!

Funky Birthday Experience!

Funky has his plugs and his plugs has their plugs so I expected a massive turn up and…. what I expected was what I got! From Terri Starboi to Freshdollar, was all shades of gbedu.

I almost did forget it was a mere birthday, I really got much more than I ordered for.

Hope this level of ‘turnupry’ if there’s a word like that one continues next year!

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