5 Ways to get an ENUGU girl tripping💕💕


With lots of ‘Yahoo’ boys returning and flaunting cash around, therefore stealing on the girls we’ve managed to take care of since the year, I have figured tips on how to atleast level up enough to put up a competition, and without so much cash.. 😁😁

With lots of experience I have had, there are lots of tiny details that matter to ENUGU girls a lot.

Enugu girls are more or less like Abuja girls, sometimes its not about your money. 😎

Read on to know how to be that Smooth guy you always wanted to be!!


Enugu girls want to be seen with people other girls will envy them for.. An Enugu girl will always give you a listening ear if you are neat like that.

Pay attention to your toes, your fingers, your Hair-Do, your skin and ofcourse run from mouth odour. 💅

Your underwear, Shaving matters a lot too. You can’t be sagging with some dirty boxers. 😩

Long nails are nice for guys but they got to b well kept. Your toes are another point of attraction, backfoot too. Nobody wants to be seen with a broke Dirty lad, believe me.


Its one thing to have money for clothes, its another thing to know what fits you, if you want to be admired, you dont really have to follow the trend, find yourself what fits you and wear them. Evidently, I know lots of cool kids who I haven’t ever seen Balenciaga on, Gucci or anything like that… 💥

Plain polos aren’t bad at all, shorts aren’t bad if you have nice legs, tshirts are still cool.. Consider the weather and occasion too. Your blazers are expensive , yes but must you wear them to the club? 💦💦

You can have 3 pairs of jeans and 5 shirts but its your combination that always matter.

Take them to Nice Eateries

No matter how broke you are, somehow you gotta spend if you want a girl but there are ways to spend less and still have some respect. 🙈🙈

Cool Eateries over Clubs and Malls anytime. There are lots of cool spots where you can have lovely dates and not spend much, not because there isn’t much to buy but also because Enugu girls want to package as well..

You’d hardly find any Enugu girl who wants to eat pizza, Sharwama, pie, Rice at the same time😂😂

So instead of going to malls where you might be forced to shop, or the club where drink prices might be super high and exposing her to sights of ‘ballers!!! These eateries are your best spots…

Places like Lil Burn, Voodoo Lounge, The Base Landmark and co will save you a lot of stress, humiliation and cost.. Thank me later 😂😂😂

Chat less, Text and call more.

To be honest, WhatsApp is a vibe killer, don’t be that WhatsApp boyfriend, there’s 60% chance it will end there.

Call her more, send her SMS, video calls are nice too. Lots of second stages have died because of chats…

First stage is getting a girls number, second stage is convincing a girl ‘to want to call you’

Am not saying chats are wrong, am saying too much of it will ruin everything, except you are Eddy Murphy, you’d run out of words very fast 😢😢

Be Productive

Nobody wants a ‘Mama thank you’ boyfriend, well except the ‘Mama’ overfloods your account. If not, Bro find something doing.

Create yourself a profile, do something with yourself. A lot of guys even if there are in their parents houses don’t wait to be fed.. That’s why you see a lot of Fashion Designers, Make up artistes, Graphic designers, DJs, Hypemen, models, stylists, Photographers and ofcourse BLOGGERS😁😁

Believe me, if you consider these 5 tips, you dont shake when you hear about ballers 😂😂😂

Thank me later guys and stay tuned.

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