Andre Wears Is one Designer off the East that cannot be Undermined in Nigeria at Large 👘


I figured most people don’t rate designers within as much because they’d rather wear Gucci, Balenciaga, LV and the rest but If we’d ever talk about Home designers… Nigerians are crazily good.

Andre Wears is a particular designer who has found a way to make trends for himself. He’s probably the biggest Fashion designer off the East.

Andre who is based in Enugu makes designs that make you wonder where the ideas come from, from Native wears, to hoodies, to hopper pants, to Shirts, to Coats and Jackets, to Denim!

To him, his only Competition is Well, he hasn’t found him yet. Andre Wears is also accessible as he has his stock on Konga and lots of other online stores, plus he delivers Nationwide.

I ain’t famzing but This lads deserves some national accolades and can go up against any celebrated stylist or Designer in the country.

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