Both Great talents but David is a better Man – Instagram User

Both Great talents but David is a better Man – Instagram User

The comparison between Davido and Wizkid will never end, We personally are tired of it but opinions are coming from different angles and this particularly got us think and considering the truth in it.

An Instagram User thinks that as much as they are both great talents, However, Davido is a better man’

In his words, “ I might not have met David, but it’s too obvious He is a better man than Ayo! See the way his team are happy around him? See the way he treats everyone like family? See the way he supports everybody equally? That’s what makes a good man. Ayo on the other hand cannot even fake a smile.. he looks too cold and might probably be bossy! That’s why his crew don’t cling to him like that”

I feel a lot of truth in this, c’mon, don’t be biased! Everybody would rather be in davido’s team. That’s why you see his entire crew and even the external ones who are just 30BG carry Davido’s activities on their heads too like it’s theirs!

Anyways, you got your own opinion too, don’t come at me.

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