Caution Party Still owing Enugu’s finest Entertainers Used For The Event …. WTF!


So many events with this same story but was never put out because maybe the entertainers were trying to be mature and all but this is all going to end this year.

Caution Party Enugu was one of the very hyped parties that Enugu witnessed this season.

Yes, they had a massive TurnUp plus the fact Victor AD got featured. Nowwith so much success, why is it had to pay entertainers who played major role at the event including Hypemen, DJs and lots more..

An inside source who seemed to be one of those deceived to have believed they’d get paid, therefore putting so much effort explained to the team in a chatty interview

He said “That was how Caution Party said they were going to pay us, but never did, up till today”

Isn’t it time to fix entertainment in Enugu already? Should we let outsiders see the state for what it is and under-value the worth of entertainment here?

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