Cookey The HypeKing: A League of my Own


A territory of massive Competition,Cookey decided to stay in a league of his own, no competitions, just dreams.

The Indigenous HypeMan, Official HypeMan of 2NiteKlub, Cookey is one unique talent and a perfect blend to Street Orientations and Carnival!

Cookey has been in the game for quite a time, underrated but yet relevant. He’s been in stages of the biggest events in the SouthEast, including Yudala, Phynofest Season 1 and 2, Flavour in Africa Concerts, Ije Awele the EP album Launch, Magic Vybes and countless others.

Popularly referred to as the Hype King, Cookey is filled with Vibe and Energy, he got the attitude too and his greatest asset is always keeping his Positive Vibes 💯

Lots of unexplored talents Enugu has got! With every Measure, everyone shall see the light!

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