Enugu loses Radio Honey to Cool FM, Port Harcourt 😢


We don’t even know how we feel about this, the very mix of being happy she’s making a very huge move and being sad we lost ‘Enugu’s Honey’

The moment her bio on twitter changed to Port Harcourt’s Honey, we knew it was over 😢

We very much expect a lot of moves from Enugu’s most talented this year as Enugu has refused to be as fruitful as it should be, but the first day of the year??? It’s so heart breaking.

Honey Ojukwu is the sweetest OAP Enugu ever had, her voice was divine, she was funny and yet again very hot; every event she hosted, she made colourful!

She was formally with UrbanRadio Enugu. Enugu will greatly miss you, Honey. We pray for Grace on you and pray for successful endeavours.


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