Forget Burna, Falz might be the New Fela #Talk

Forget Burna, Falz might be the New Fela #Talk

IIt’s one man against the entire Evil of Nigeria, something only Fela has done. Falz the Bad Guy is really a bad guy, it takes guts to interfer politics in this kind of country we are in.

Falz, literally is the only realistic Artiste we have, after the Release of ‘This is Nigeria’ where he jumped on the everything everyone else is scared of; from corruption to fraud, Falz went on to release ‘Child of the world’ a typical Family story in Nigeria blacking out ‘Run girls’

Falz has started the new year with no Mercy, dragging Buhari, draping APC, PDP, fraudsters and every other possible victim in new song ‘Talk’

Now this is one typical thing ‘Fela’ can do. Maybe Burna ‘Felacity’ is in the marijuana category then…

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