M.I suggest J.Cole has been copying his style

M.I suggest J.Cole has been copying his style

Lol, well this isn’t exactly funny but then it’s weird to think. How possible is this? J.Cole copying M.I?

J.cole’s new Release ‘Middle Child’ I won’t even hype, we already know Cole’s worth.. but there’s been a little controversy… a bit similarity between a couple of lines on the song and that of M.I’s song ‘Head ofvthe Family’ off the Illegal Mixtape!

Somehow, a couple of fans on t otter got talking about this and M.I was real quick to respond

“Niggas been biting my style for years” He said. Really I don’t really know who to side at all! I kind of think this is a coincidence but am pretty sure most of y’all would side your black brother. Anyways, drop your thought when you done listening to the both songs

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