Most of SouthEast Entertainers living for the moment! 🤦🏽‍♂️


Someone said celebrities here feed from hand to mouth and sleep from hotel to hotel.. I wouldn’t know…

Another follower told me ‘They’d rather buy Nike shoes than buy a generator for their houses’

If this is the case, is there anybody’s place worth anything? Can the SouthEast entertainers boast of anything aside their Gucci’s and Drip.

We’d rather not call names but y’all ever thought of this? Most of these entertainers, Artistes, Hypemen, DJs and all don’t even save up for assets! They all just wanted to live for the moment.

Its in Southeast, Enugu precisely you’d see young boys spending on belaire and Ice week to week and yet, they don’t own an asset of their own.

isnt it time y’all thought of investing?

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