Nigerian Relationships are based on ‘What can you offer me’ – Nigerian Girl Says


The growth of Runs girls and Yahoo boys are rapidly increasing… simply because the struggle or ‘Hustle’ in the country is much and everyone is trying to make some extra cash. This, unfortunately has affected the basis of relationships in the country.

A Nigerian girl, Vee Symone observes that Transactional Sex has become the ‘in thing’ in Nigeria.

One way or the other, both parties are longing for some other thing which isn’t love. She wrote:

“Most relationships are based on what you can offer, this country doesn’t support genuine relationship tbh, everyone is trying to survive and it’s sad it has found its way to relationships.

Most women are straight up about it while others be like ‘I need a man who can take care of me’ Most men won’t date you because you can’t give sexy while the girls won’t date you because you don’t have a car.

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