People we could spice up the BBnaija House 2019 😎

People we could spice up the BBnaija House 2019 😎

After watching BBnaija last year, seeing the wrong pick.. we don’t know how it’s done or who does it but we just want more fun.

Last year, we saw the likes of Diadora, princess, Deeone, Ifuennada, Antolecky who to me are all boring…

Here are some of the people we think might light the house up if they were actually in the house!

1. Symply Tacha – This instagram slayqueen is one controversial and yet very hot girl. She’s a complete mix of love and hate.

We really hope she gets to the house so we’d be sure she can stand by all the rubbish she says on Instagram about Love, Sex and men.

2. Van Josh – He is definitely a catch for them ladies in the house and to think he’s funny too makes him a BBnaija quality.

3.  Verchi – Music talent, hot and saucy!! Exactly how y’all gon like it. He’s got the kind of body that make heads turningoninown

4. Dimple Nipple Wierdo – Aah! This one alone is a pal. I don’t know ‘what’ else can keep me up at night than a body like that

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