The 6 kinds of guys you meet at the Club


Clubs have literally put up categories that everyone falls into its place. If you ever clubbed, you’d see yourself falling into any of the categories below…

  1. The Class – they are medical doctor friends or lecturer friends who want a night to remember after a hectic week… you don’t usually see them on Fridays, their favourites are usually Saturdays or Wednesdays when there’s a bit less crowd… They come in groups and go in groups… they are the Red Wine Family. They gift money to Hypemen, DJs, and waitresses much more than they spend on drinks..
  2. The Ballers – They are the undertakers.. they are used to loud spending and flaunting. They are the ones who buy caskets of Belaire, Glenfiddich, Don P and the rest… They always have girls around them flipping bumbum like it’s the last day of their lives.. these ones are the ones who like to throw money in the air!!
  3. The Notice Me Gang – Usually young business boys or starter Yahoo boys.. these ones are the noisiest. They are the set who drip in fake Gucci TrackSuits and Fake Iced Chains and watches, sprayed hair and fake balenciagas! They come in numbers and buy a lot of Andre, pour half on their wrists and cell phones. When it’s pay time, you see them calculating hard on the bill and they all usually make contributions within them to settle bills…
  4. The ‘I Follow Dem’ gang – well somehow, these ones usually come with the real ballers. They are always accustomed to one bottle of drink. They’d hold a white bottle from start of club till they leave.. they are the ones usually standing on the Sofas in clubs, dragging for Shisha pipes… they take a LOT of Pictures and its them who hail DJs the most but never ever drop something for them. Also, they are the ones who are always looking for a girl to go home with. They are the last to leave the club.
  5. The Cool kids- these are actually my favorite set, they are not the heavy spenders, They are the ones with fine faces, sweet drip, neat skin and red cups… they aren’t always in VIP sections but they are always easy going. They leave the club way early with their girls too..
  6. The ‘Non-Clubbing’ Clubbers – These ones usually come with a girl, they just sit and watch people dance. Eventually the girl might dance but oga would prefer to sit and watch her. This ones are the most boring, like why come to a club when you won’t club??? Some of them who come alone drink to stupor, while some misbehave atlast, some others just pick-a-boo and leaves!!

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