The most followed ‘pepper dem’ housemates on Instagram.


It’s barely weeks into #BBNaija Pepper dem edition, 2018, the drama already, however, can make a full season of a TV Series.

With four contestants already evicted, the housemates knows its not hide and seek anymore as the hunt for 60million prize intensifies..

Outside the house, a couple of housemates are already ‘gathering’ fan base and follower-ship. With Tacha and Mike already stars before now, it’s no big shock. Kim Oprah however, must have played her game right coz she’s on a path of social media relevance.

On top of the list is Tacha, with over 459k followers with instagram verification. Kim Oprah is on a speed lane with over 177k followers. Mike is 3rd of list with 114k followers with Instagram Verification.

Let’s see what happens by the end of the show.

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