Top Brand Influencers and Media Personnels in Enugu

Top Brand Influencers and Media Personnels in Enugu

Enugu is, and has always been the centre of entertainment in SouthEast, more like the Lagos of the East with lots of events coming in and out, here are the top brand influencers and event promoters you can trust to put your events right in place.

Jasmine Naza Onyia (Nazmine Media)

Jasmine Naza needs no introductions. She is the CEO of Nazmine Media and the Face of SouthEast Trends. She has single handedly recorded successful events in Enugu an southeast at large and also have been rewarded with lots of awards.

Remember the #FixSouthEastRoads hashtag which to a long extent pushed the government to intervene? It was her handwork. Naza has worked the biggest events Enugu has seen in years, all the way from Road Block, Phynofest, Flavour Live in Concert, Food meets Fashion, Governors Forum, the list is unending. You can Say she’s the First Lady of SouthEast Media.

Christian Okoli (BluePrint Afric)

Christian Okoli usually called Brainbox, is one of the very few Media personnels who can get those events you feel won’t work back to life. His greatest asset should be his mastery in planning.

BluePrint Afric is one media office any successful event must pass through its doors.

Ugo Urban (Urban Republic)

Ugo Urban is part of the Urban Emporium  family. outside Ugo being a very strategic person, his Fashion sense and great sense of humor makes him one of the sorted after media personnels in Enugu. he is one of those face you see on adverts and want to grace the event as you already get the impression it is going to be a very ‘soft’ event.

Ossai George (ConfamKoncepts)

Young, Youthful and full of Energy. Confam is a blend of everything entertainment. The CEO of Confamkoncepts and Partner to Rehabmusik is one influencer in Enugu whose humility has put him to places older brands pray to be in. He’s greatest feature would be his way of making Work unavoidable fun for himself and his audience. one way or the other, he sends his messages and sends it quite well.


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