Top HypeMen/Hosts in Enugu


This was usually a very underrated talent, but then, Enugu HypeMen wouldn’t rest till they are all on the map.

It’s incredible how these guys make every gathering memorable, be it weddings, clubs, concerts and all.

I’ve gathered the A-List Hypemen in Enugu, Here:


He should arguably be among the top 15 hypemen in Nigeria, McLordell is an Energy god. He has travelled all round Nigeria for shows.

Lordell is so trendy and so funny, you don’t know if it’s the music you dancing to or the Hype behind the music.

Lordell is one of the faces of Billion, Top Notch.


Party Animal Number 1, Marcus AKA Marcswagz has gone beyond just hype to Refix Hype, His Refix Songs, Go, Baba, Azaa and hit track, Bad Vibes has shown he can’t be sidelined anytime soon.

Marcswagz is the official host of Smirnoff X1 Tour in the southeast.


‘One Million’ Hypeman, Sneezy is one of the request Hype MCs in Enugu, if he’s got your show, don’t worry, the audience wouldn’t stop enjoying him.

Sneezy has worked on most Hennessey and Moet Events.

Hype Oracle

Son of Grace, Currently hypeman for one of the biggest Clubs in Enugu, Titanic Lounge. Hype Oracle who is formerly a DJ is one hypeman you can’t stop listening to.

With him, every detail around matters, He can literally hype anything and make you love it.

P.S: We are yet to see an Official Female Host/HypePerson

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