The Kings of NightLife in Enugu 2018


A lot of people to name but we’d have to work with what we saw in 2018 alone.

There are names that when you hear, you already know what to expect.. in their different fields of course! We’d take a quick look!!

Baba D (Dubem) – Baba D should just be synonym of ‘Night Life. He is called the King of Night life in Enugu for anyways. Dubem is the CEO/ Manager of Platinum Lounge! Baba D is not a face you see everywhere but whenever he’s seen,headlines pop and stories are heard! Baba D successfully, alongside his platinum family brought a lot of celebrities and artistes to Enugu including Teni, victor AD, M.I, DJ Kaywise, Larry Gaaga, peruzzi a lots more. Platinum Lounge pool party would be one never to forget in years!

I call him president ‘Spread Love Gang’

Naydu – Naydu the Founder of Roadman Company, extremely Lowkey but his Enugu doings this year has been so marked! I’d let you know now that 78% of celebrities you saw in Enugu through out 2018 has been through his connect! Easy to be that influential and be lowkey like that? Nah!! Naydu is also the man behind ‘Abacha festival’ at the Base Landmark late this year! 

Ogidi (Oluwa Baller) – manager of 2niteKlub and non-arguably the most experienced Event planner in Enugu at large! He’s planning ideas are so warm and he is the man behind the big shows you wondered how it happened including DJ Funky Street Credibility, Funky birthday experience and magic vybes. He’s not the most luxurious or flashy but he’s an asset! Ogidi has kept 2niteKlub consistent as ever! 

DJ Funky – the stew President, official DJ of FBG entertainment! He has been the face of Enugu entertainment outside Enugu through out this year touring Nigeria and bringing Nigeria to Enugu! Street Credibility season 1 could have easily been placed as replacement for Enugu’s annual concerts that never happened including road block and phynofest!

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