Where the best TGIFs live in Abuja

Where the best TGIFs live in Abuja

#Fridays are favorite for a lot number of people, well except maybe night #Club staff and #DJs. Friday’s like #bachelors eve, all the fun before reality hits you again on #Monday. 🙇🏽‍♂️

For the sole purpose of not wasting your Fridays, we ran a survey on the best places to be for the #weekend in #Abuja. 😀

The Dome Abuja – Big recommendation for #foodies🥘 with great taste for quality. You know, when I moved from #Enugu✈️ , the first time I was here, I got so confused as they were a lot of delicacies I never heard of or saw… I literally had to redirect my taxify driver home first where I had to go through their #Instagram page, make a decision, work on pronouncing the delicacy’s name, went right back, got my #food and left without looking around. 😊 believe It was hella worth it.

Play Abuja – For a lot of #peeps who would rather rest at home all afternoon 😴 and crawl outta their shells at #night, Play Abuja is just #perfect. One of the best #clubbing experience I’ve had 🕺🏼. They just have the right #crowd and the right #air.

My first day here, I was alone, usually I get bored in #clubs if I am alone but damn I was so turnt, a lot of cool #goodlooking guys and a much more lot of hot #girls, I was sweating before I even had a reason to🥵. The #DJs were incredible too, seemed like they had me on a drive with my seatbelt on and drove me to #fantasy land. It was the best mix of #Alcohol🍺 plus #music🎶 experience I ever had in Abuja. ☄️

Central Park x Jabi Lake – for the #chills intrigued people, who are hyped about actual #games♟ with #family, #friends or #lovers, Central Park and Jabi Lake will make you not wanna go back home. The varieties of #gaming experience in these parks are amazing. This is one part of Abuja where nothing gets boring. These places create room for zig #pictures for social #media freaks! 🤳🏼. You see all those #photos of Abuja guys looking like the male versions of #Rihanna on the gram?? Check the #location📍 and #Confam my thesis.

Stay tuned here. I’ve got lots of great #contents for you. 😊

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