Who are you to Judge the Homosexual | Discussing falz’s Moral Instruction Album 🤦🏽‍♂️


For the records, this is the most couragous Album after Fela. Track to track, Falz spoke on every issue in nigeria and in plain words. No wonder the title ‘Moral Instructions’ because you might not even want to sing along, you just want to listen.

The Track ‘Talk’ had labeled out APC, PDP, Buhari, Runs girls and Fraudsters. While some would always want to condemn, you can never hide from the truth, and the truth is what FAlz Speak..

initially we thought it wasn’t just the track ‘Talk’ exposing them evil until we listened to ‘Hypocrite’

He who is righteous should all be say cast the first stone.. everyday we rant on Social media about how bad the government is and we still end up voting them.

You want to pour your frustrations on Homosexuals but are they even your problem?

you form all responsible but you go home to beat your wife?

ASUU strike still on, but our students happily doing their #10yearsChallenge

3 Private Jets yet your congregation can’t afford tuition fee of their own pastors school?

You claim you don’t smoke, you don’t drink but your heart is blacker because it’s evil?

There’s something to think about in everybody line of every verse of every track in this Album!  

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