Who is the future of Enugu Entertainment, JayWillz, Bennariki or BShine?

Who is the future of Enugu Entertainment, JayWillz,  Bennariki or BShine?

A lot of young talented lads in Enugu who might have had a different story if they were in Lagos but then, Enugu is lucky to have them.

Music Industry in Enugu might be slow but these talents give hope that maybe we can still push.

Over the years, its been same set of people but the prospective in these 3 will amaze you.

JayWillz is a small boy full of talents, currently the popular demand now having dropped songs with Hypemen, DJs, Drummers withing the last 4months and all of which are super nice songs.

Jay is the frontman for Hauze27 entertainment.

Nwayo Nwayo (Lagos vibe Cover) is one tune you’d never get rid of from your playlist.


Quote me anywhere, he is the street’s favorit, not because of his age but because if his talent and humility. BShine has been doing music since he was tender and prolly in primary School, from Mickies to Village Square Agbani road so we can all be proud of how far he’s gotten.

BShine whose new song ‘Guyoyo’ is still all over Radio stations has been constantly and steadily representing in Enugu performing across any major event that graces Enugu. BShine is the Winner of Talent search Enugu 2017 and is signed under Grounded Promotions


Benna, the frontman and Owner of BMW record label more or less can never be put out of the headline. Bennariki is a profound talent and a hustler in personality. His ‘Goow‘ song whose video was premiered this month is one to listen to.

Who is your favorite? Would he lead Enugu’s entertainment on?

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