Who would you rather host your event, Marcswagz or MC Lordell?


Excuse my comparison, these guys are so good, they just offer a total difference in Vibe.

Both obviously got the energy, both are A-List in Enugu, but can make madness out of your events, both are hypemen and Hosts.

Party Animal no1, Marcswagz is a very versatile one, got the vibe of a thug, creates a hoodie energy that makes you relax and want to chill.

Marcswagz got a voice of a beast! Marcswagz is insane! Marcswagz is all shades of TurnUp.

MC Lordell on the other hand, is a total blend in, take him to the streets, he’d serve hot hot, take him to the club, you know the story…

MC Lordell might just be the face of hype in Enugu. He can make you laugh stewpidly. He can make you spend and not even know you spending till you outta cash.

He’s the kinda hypeman whom you can’t say what his next slang would be

Big question, you got yourself an Event, who are you calling? MC Lordell or Marcswagz… reasons?

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