Yahoo Also Suggests That President Buhari Is An Imposter! Nigeria which way? 😒😒


Yahoo has also suggested that the ‘present’ President Buhari is an impostor, in a new post they shared on social media page.

Rumours had been circulating on social media for months that Mr Buhari had died last year and was replaced by a lookalike from Sudan called Jubril.

“I can assure you all that this is the real me. Later this month I will celebrate my 76th birthday. And I’m still going strong!” Mr Buhari told Nigerians in a town hall session in Poland, where he was attending a conference.

“One of the questions that came up today in my meeting with Nigerians in Poland was on the issue of whether I‘ve been cloned or not.

“The ignorant rumours are not surprising — when I was away on medical vacation last year a lot of people hoped I was dead,” Mr Buhari said.

However just like Washington Post, Yahoo also suggested that President Buhari’s statement which denied the rumour is just what a clone will say.

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