ZoroSwagbag Steady pushing the Igbo Culture to the World 👏🏼


Zoro steady making Enugu people and Igbo’s proud! No matter where, he’s always bent on creating awareness how strong the Igbo culture is.

The steady exhibition of Masquerades on his shows and performances had become a trademark in Nigeria already but it didn’t stop there. The Enugu groomed Artiste has taken the culture to o2 London for the world to see. | #DAvidoliveino2

ZoroSwagbag is currently the face of Music in the SouthEast, after bags of Nominations nationwide and performances in almostevery top Concert in Nigeria.

I’m pretty sure the entire SouthEast are proud of him to what he has done so far. We await the time when he start seeing bringing upcoming stars to the light too.

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